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Celebrating the Grand Opening of Doo Group’s New Hong Kong Office: A Promising Start to an Exciting Future
Source:https://www.dooprimenews.com/company-news/new-hong-kong-office | Author:finance-102 | Date2023-09-26 | 69 Views | Share:
As the market continues to evolve and our business experiences consistent growth, Doo Group has strategically developed four major business lines: brokerage, wealth management, payment exchange, and FinTech. We have been steadily expanding our global footprint, currently operating in over 20 major cities worldwide. In our ongoing commitment to meet the diverse needs of our clients and deliver more personalized financial services, we have been diligently enhancing and optimizing our global operational centers.

As the market continues to evolve and our business experiences consistent growth, Doo Group has strategically 

developed four major business lines: brokerage, wealth management, payment exchange, and FinTech. We have 

been steadily expanding our global footprint, currently operating in over 20 major cities worldwide. In our ongoing 

commitment to meet the diverse needs of our clients and deliver more personalized financial services, we have 

been diligently enhancing and optimizing our global operational centers. 

After nearly a year of meticulous preparation, we are thrilled to announce the transformation and upgrade of our 

Hong Kong office, culminating in a grand opening ceremony on September 20th. This marks a fresh beginning for 

us, as we strive to provide higher-quality services and deliver an unparalleled experience to our valued clients. 

New Location Unveiled: A Fresh Start Begins 

The newly upgraded Hong Kong office is located in The Millennity Tower, a prime office building in Kwun Tong, 

Hong Kong. Situated at a superior geographical location, it is adjacent to the Kwun Tong and Ngau Tau Kok MTR 

stations. The vicinity offers a wide range of amenities, including approximately 300 restaurants, 20 fitness centers, 

and 5 hotels. With excellent living facilities and a diverse culinary scene, it is well-connected in terms of 

transportation, making it convenient for international business dealings. The Hong Kong office occupies the 28th 

floor of this building, providing panoramic views of Kwun Tong and the bustling city of Hong Kong. It will serve as 

a strategic base for Doo Group in Asia and a key hub for global operations. 

In addition to its convenient external environment, we have innovatively upgraded the interior of the office space. 

The entire office covers an area of approximately 12,600 square feet and has been thoughtfully designed to maximize 

the use of space and natural light.  

It features open workspace areas, multifunctional meeting rooms, a smart reception area, and an integrated pantry. 

Notably, we have created a Regulatory License Wall and a Partners’ Wall. The Regulatory License Wall showcases 

licenses from 16 authoritative financial institutions in 9 countries across 5 continents, underscoring the global recognition 

of Doo Group’s compliance. The Partners’ Wall highlights significant moments during collaborations with important 

partners such as Manchester United, Adelaide United, UNICEF, and King’s College London, allowing visitors to gain a 

comprehensive understanding of Doo Group’s brand strength, cross-industry collaborations, and commitment to ESG 


The newly upgraded Hong Kong office strives to create a healthy, comfortable, and intelligently convenient working 

environment across various dimensions, including space size, functional layout, user experience, and design empowerment. 

It aims to provide ample space support for the team’s growth and expansion while offering a completely new service 

and interactive visiting environment for both existing and new clients and partners. 

Celebrating Our Office Relocation: Explore α Better Future 

After thorough preparations, we hosted the grand opening ceremony of our new office in Hong Kong on September 

20th. On this special occasion, over a hundred representatives from Doo Group’s global partners, collaborative 

organizations, and employees from various subsidiary brands gathered to celebrate.  

Doo Group partners, including Mr. Herman Cheung Chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokers 

Association, and representatives from Manchester United, Associate Partnership Director, Shirley Chen, MUSS Hong 

Kong Head Coach, Chris O’ Brien, along with partners from various industries, were also in attendance to mark and 

witness this significant moment. 

The event began with a heartfelt message from Mr. King Leung, Head of Financial Services and FinTech at Invest Hong 

Kong, who sent his warm wishes through a virtual connection. Mr. Leung expressed gratitude for Doo Group’s longstanding 

contributions and support to the financial industry in Hong Kong. He commended Doo Group for providing comprehensive

 financial services to a wider clientele through cutting-edge technology and a professional team. He also highlighted the 

collaborative efforts with industry peers in building a secure and reliable investment environment. He expressed hope for 

continued collaboration in creating a more robust and healthier financial ecosystem for the future, extending beyond the

 next decade. 

Following this, Mr. Windson Chan, CEO of Doo Group, delivered the opening speech. He elaborated on Doo Group’s nine-

year journey of growth and its current four major business pillars. He emphasized, ”We’ve always put our customers first, 

and we aim to provide top-quality financial services through professionalism and integrity. Additionally, Doo Group actively 

embraces ESG development principles, hoping that through continuous efforts, we can create more value for our customers, 

partners, and employees, contributing to sustainable social development.”

After the inspiring speeches, Mr. Windson Chan, along with Managing Director of EMEA, Costas Kappai, Mr. Herman Cheung, 

Chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokers Association, and Shirley Chen, Associate Relationship Director at 

Manchester United, jointly initiated the inauguration ceremony for the new Hong Kong office location. This signifies a new 

chapter for Doo Group in 2023, injecting fresh vitality and inspiring all employees to work together towards brighter horizons. 

Guests at the event enjoyed a breathtaking panoramic view of the Hong Kong office through a drone showcase. 

Outstanding employees from our global operations center also shared their well-wishes and aspirations. The event 

concluded with a special lucky draw segment.  

Doo Group aims to share the joy of this occasion and extends sincere thanks to all the attendees for their presence 

and support. 

Staying True to Our Mission: A Resolute Journey Ahead 

The ever-changing landscape of the financial markets has driven Doo Group to remain steadfast in its mission, continuously 

pushing boundaries and forging ahead. Since our inception in 2014, we have been dedicated to the FinTech sector, innovating 

technology, creating new products, and optimizing environments, all aimed at providing our clients with a superior experience. 

In the future, we will gradually open offices worldwide to offer high-quality localized financial services to more clients. 

Over the past 9 years of development, Doo Group has been committed to breaking down barriers between investors and 

financial markets through innovative technological research and development. We have offered diverse financial products to 

meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our clients.  

Simultaneously, we have strengthened our financial security service system, obtaining regulatory licenses from over 10 leading 

international financial regulatory bodies, including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC), United 

States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (US FINRA), United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA) , and Mauritius

 Financial Services Commission (MU FSC), to effectively protect clients’ rights. Leveraging our exceptional technological advantages, 

a highly skilled professional team, and a robust business foundation, Doo Group has established long-term partnerships with over 

400 leading global financial institutions and liquidity providers, providing comprehensive support for client investments. 

Doo Group, together with all our employees, has achieved increasing support and trust within the industry through unwavering 

efforts. The number of global clients has surged from 40,000+ in 2021 to over 130,000+ today. In the future, Doo Group will 

always adhere to its original intention of placing ‘Clients Come First’ , envisioning a diversified financial service landscape. We 

will continue to expand global operations, explore new markets, and build a comprehensive and healthy financial ecosystem.  

As we approach our 9th anniversary, and with the inauguration of the new Hong Kong office location, we look forward to 

continuing our journey with our global clients, working together for a better future.