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Tickmill: Empowering Students for a Second Consecutive Year in Collaboration with the University of Cyprus
Source:https://www.tickmill.com/news/tickmill-empowering-students-for-a-second-consecutive-year-in-collaboration-with-the-university-of-cyprus | Author:finance-102 | Date2023-09-26 | 65 Views | Share:
Tickmill continues its commitment to education by offering students the unique opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in the financial industry.

Tickmill continues its commitment to education by offering students the unique opportunity to acquire hands-on 

experience in the financial industry.

Our Quantitative Research Team took part once again in the ‘Capstone Project’ of the University of Cyprus, providing 

postgraduate students in Data Science with the chance to put their knowledge into practice and explore the ever-

evolving world of trading and global financial markets. The Quantitative Team's core focus revolves around the 

analysis of unconventional data, identifying correlations, and gaining valuable insights to make informed investment 


This year, three talented postgraduate students from the University of Cyprus partnered with our Quantitative Research 

Team to tackle challenging tasks involving data mining and analysis. The three students underwent a two-week training 

program focused on trading and the financial markets. They were then given the flexibility to use their preferred data 

analysis tools, empowering them to explore different types of data and conduct in-depth analyses to predict price changes 

in financial assets and identify valuable information while filtering out noise. The total duration of the project was 12 weeks, 

and the results will be included in the students’ theses.

Chariton Christou, our Head of Quantitative Research, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "We are very 

pleased to partner for a second year with the University of Cyprus for the Capstone Project. It reinforces our dedication 

to nurturing the next generation of talent in the financial industry. We aim to provide students with an invaluable experience 

and equip them with some of the essential skills and knowledge for their future professional success.”

The Capstone Project is just one facet of Tickmill's broader commitment to education, both locally and globally. Previous 

initiatives include awarding €10,000 to the winners of a competition organized by the University of Cyprus as well as offering 

an excellent internship program to young scientists aspiring to enter the financial industry with a leading broker.