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Behind the brand: a conversation with Exness CMO Alfonso Cardalda
Source:https://www.business-reporter.co.uk/management/behind-the-brand-a-conversation-with-exness-cmo-alfonso-cardalda | Author:finance-102 | Date2024-05-17 | 55 Views | Share:
In the financial space, getting the inside scoop on a broker’s marketing strategy is a rarity. In this interview, Exness CMO Alfonso Cardalda reveals the philosophy behind the broker’s recent brand refresh, and his vision for its future.

Exness has long since established itself as a broker that focuses on the details. From sign-up to withdrawal, 

the company believes in delivering the most frictionless experience on the market.


To achieve this, Exness implements complex technology to develop advanced products and services. But when 

it comes to building a truly impactful brand, explains CMO Alfonso Cardalda, it’s about more than just maths.


Laying the foundations


For any financial brand to be successful, there needs to be fundamental trust between client and broker. As 

Cardalda puts it, financial brands are different, as in them, “you see the future of your family”.


Exness understands this and connects with the values traders hold on a deep level. That’s why the new Exness 

brand is all about creating an environment where clients feel secure, confident and connected.


The power of simplicity


“If you ask any trader,” Cardalda says, “[they] will tell you that there is a lot of complexity in the way most brokers 

operate.” Because of this, Exness has made it its mission to listen to consumers and bring simplicity and transparency 

into the space.


The new brand dictates that every interaction a client has with Exness must be clean and seamless, with no noise 

or distractions. This applies to everything, from way the brand looks to the way it functions for the trader.


The Exo


The brand’s new logo needed to encapsulate this philosophy and transmit it to consumers at a glance. Thus, the 

“exo”, Exness’s new logo, was born, which combines the elements of the head and the heart to embody the essence 

of the Exness brand.


The head, as Cardalda puts it, represents the complexity that needs to exist for a brokerage to operate to its highest 

potential: the algorithms, the maths, the products.


The heart, on the other hand, is about the intangible fundamentals that are essential to making a lasting connection 

with consumers: passion, ethics and transparency.


“We wanted to use simplicity to bring order into the complexity of the markets,” Cardalda explains. With this refresh, 

Exness believes that is has now successfully elevated its brand to reflect the high level of its products and services.


The future of Exness


Exness recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary and is now focusing on three main pillars to drive its future growth.


The first of these pillars is innovation. Exness will continue dedicating itself to developing top-of-the-line products to 

uphold the standards of service it has become known for providing.


The second pillar involves the company’s plans for expansion into new markets to attract audiences in different regions.


The final pillar is communication. As Cardalda puts it, Exness wants to continue improving and optimising the way it talks 

to its customers so they consistently feel heard and connected.


All in all, a fascinating look into the marketing engine of one of the leading multi-asset brokers in today’s financial space.