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Doo Group Obtains Type 4 and Type 9 Licenses Granted By The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC)
Source:https://www.dooprimenews.com/company-news/doo-group-obtains-type-4-and-type-9-licenses-granted-by-the-hong-kong-securities-and-futures-commission-hk-sfc | Author:finance-102 | Date2023-01-17 | 159 Views | Share:
Doo Group has obtained licenses granted by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC), one of the world-leading financial regulators.

Doo Group Obtains Type 4 and Type 9 Licenses Granted By The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC)

Doo Group’s subsidiary company, Doo Financial HK Limited (Central entity no.: BSM562), marks another milestone in its journey with the obtainment of Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licenses (Central entity no.: BSM562) issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC).

Just celebrating its 8th anniversary in November 2022, Doo Group has been cultivating strong and professional teams across the world throughout its journey. With over 550 industry professionals working professionally for its clients, Doo Group has established over 10 offices that provide services to clients across more than 40 countries and regions. The obtainment of the licenses further demonstrates the rapid growth of Doo Group in diversified global financial markets, especially during times of uncertainty.

Providing Professional Services With The Supervision Of Prominent Financial Regulator 

The HK SFC is an independent statutory body that promotes soundness, integrity and fairness of the local securities and futures markets for the benefits of investors. It is one of the Hong Kong financial regulators given the mandate to educate the investing public, its work is governed by the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO). Therefore, the HK SFC plays a key role in increasing the public’s financial literacy, helping investors understand market operations, the risks of investing and their rights and responsibilities. 

Upon obtaining the Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licenses issued by the HK SFC, Doo Financial HK Limited is authorized to provide clients with the following services: 

Type 4 (Advising on Securities) 

Advisory Services 

Giving of advice on securities to professional investors in Hong Kong and other professional investors overseas; 

Publishing research reports to professional investors; 

Acting as Investment Advisor to third party funds. 

Type 9 (Asset Management) 

Discretionary Management Accounts 

Managing a portfolio of securities for professional investors on discretionary basis. 

Fund Management (Private Funds)  

Managing investment funds on discretionary basis; 

Acting as Investment Manager to third party funds; 

Launching different kinds of funds except virtual asset and authorized fund for retail investors. 

You may perform a search on the HK SFC official website: https://apps.sfc.hk/publicregWeb/corp/BSM562/details  

A Significant Milestone In Doo Group’s Global Journey In Achieving Financial Diversity  

Over the past eight years, Doo Group has been unleashing the spirit of never stop exploring, turning challenges into opportunities. The obtainment of the Type 4 and Type 9 licenses is a great stride of Doo Group in building a global cohesive financial ecosystem.  

As an industry leading financial services group, the group has been discovering more opportunities in various fields of finance to empower clients with a wide range of services. Doo Group always pursues high standards industry practices, ensuring the rights of clients are strictly protected by professional third-party institutions. In the future, Doo Group will continue to venture further towards a better and prosperous future.