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DOOPRIME: Unleash Infinite Opportunities With Doo Prime’s 1000X Leverage
Source:https://www.dooprimenews.com/company-news/unleash-infinite-opportunities-with-doo-primes-1000x-leverage | Author:finance-102 | Date2022-12-08 | 150 Views | Share:

Doo Prime officially increased the leverage option from 1:500 to 1:1000 for all account types on 19th November 2022. The adjustment offers more flexible options, providing global clients the opportunity to leverage higher potential profits with less capital and further expand their investment opportunities. 

*Note: Please see Leverage Adjustment Details Below. 

Details Of The Leverage Adjustment  

Adjustment Time: 00:00 on 19th November 2022 (GMT+2) 

Applicable Account Types: CENT Account, STP Standard Account and ECN Professional Account 

Leverage Adjustment Details: 

Please be reminded that: 

1.Before the release of major data or events, due to unpredictable market fluctuations, financial derivatives may generate large losses in a short period of time that exceed the investor’s initial investment. Therefore, in order to protect the vital interests of investors, clients may adjust their leverage at that time. Clients are advised to pay attention to the relevant notice. 

2.Our company reserves the right to adjust the leverage if we find clients displaying any trading behavior that abuses leverage. 


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Cash Back Commission


Cash Back Commission

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