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AXITRADER: I forgot my password – what do I do?
Source:https://support.axi.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403602632089-I-forgot-my-password-what-do-I-do- | Author:finance-102 | Date2022-12-12 | 245 Views | Share:
There are many ways how you can reset/change your password

There are many ways how you can reset/change your password:

1. Reset directly via Client Portal.

You can access the below link to reset your password. A new PIN will be notified through your registered mobile number or email address. Please also double-check your junk mailbox for the email.

2. Reset via MT4 platform (laptop only):

1. Open your MT4 platform.

2. Click "Tools"

3. Click "Options"

4. On the "Server "tab, click the "Change" button

5. Type your current master password

6. Click "Change master password"

7. Type the new master password & confirm.

3. You can reset your password directly at the Axi website.

If your browser can not display the Captcha image, please clear your history/cookies/catches or use a different browser option and retry.


Please note: Changing your MT4 password will also change your Client Portal password.

To reset a password on a Demo account or for any other issues, please contact Client Services.


Cash Back Commission


Cash Back Commission


Cash Back Commission

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