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Doo Group Becomes Proud Sponsor Of Australia China Friendship Society Of Western Australia (ACFSWA)
Source:https://www.dooprimenews.com/company-news/doo-group-becomes-proud-sponsor-of-australia-china-friendship-society-of-western-australia-acfswa | Author:finance-102 | Date2023-03-01 | 250 Views | Share:
Doo Group is pleased to announce that it has become a proud sponsor of the Australia China Friendship Society of Western Australia (ACFSWA), an organization that prioritizes social values.

Doo Group is pleased to announce that it has become a proud sponsor of the Australia China Friendship Society of Western Australia (ACFSWA), an organization that prioritizes social values. 

Standing as a global financial service group, Doo Group strongly believes in the concept of people-oriented and giving back. While delivering the best services to global clients, Doo Group has also been looking for opportunities to fulfil social responsibilities. 

Driven by these core values and operating principles, Doo Group has started its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) transformation. This collaboration that is built on shared values and common goals is a great stride forward for Doo Group in its ESG journey.   

A Prestigious Organization With Social Values As Its Core

Formed in 1970, ACFSWA is a member of the Australia China Friendship Society (ACFS) based in Perth. It is a non-profit organization that promotes cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and China. Up to date, ACFS has set up eight branches across Australia. 

As a prestigious organization with more than 50 years of history, ACFSWA has been working vigorously in cultivating a community that celebrates cultural diversity. From education to tourism, numerous events have been organized to boost the exchange of ideas, culture, information and trade between two countries. All activities of ACFSWA were recognized by the Australian Government. In the grand opening of the ACFSWA Chinese library in 2021, the Chinese Consul-General in Perth, Long Dingbin, was invited to give his first public speech after assuming office.  

The Chinese library is deemed as a multicultural hub that encourages cultural exchange with various activities and events. Following the launching of the library, members of ACFSWA were also invited by Perth Chinese Radio FM90.5 for an on-air interview.   

Throughout the years, ACFSWA has been orchestrating many regular events to connect and unite the community in Western Australia, including Chinese New Year Fair and Australia China Friendship Awards Night.  

Doo Group And ACFSWA Forge Strong Ties To Make Positive Impact 

In accordance with the newfound partnership, Doo Group and ACFSWA will be joining hands to make positive impact through in-depth collaboration, including philanthropic and financial events. By working tightly together, Doo Group and ACFSWA are determined to strengthen the local community in the aspects of society and finance. 

It is Doo Group’s absolute privilege to work with such a prestigious organization that shares the same values. May this collaborative effort empower a sustainable future in the local community. 

Looking ahead, Doo Group will keep adherence to its core values and beliefs. During its journey of ESG, the group will strive to make significant contributions to society.  


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