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Source:https://financefeeds.com/exness-adds-70k-accounts-in-march-client-bases-tops-836k/ | Author:finance-102 | Date2024-04-12 | 50 Views | Share:
FX broker Exness has reported an increase in its trading volumes for March 2024, signaling a resurgence in market activity after a subdued February.

The multi-regulated platform handled $3.85 trillion in trading activity, which was 9 percent more than the 

$3.53 trillion they had in February 2024. March’s turnover was virtually unchanged over last year’s $3.88 

trillion for the same month, marking a slight decrease year-over-year.

The spike in trading activity on the Exness platform aligns with a lucrative Q1 bull run, presenting profitable 

opportunities not just for heavyweight venues but for a slew of retail-focused FX brokerages as well.

Exness is riding high on a surge in its active client base, now hitting unprecedented numbers that are much 

higher than 2023’s stats, with client retention on par with historical averages. A whopping 74% year-over-year 

increase brought the count of active clients to 836,873 in March 2024, up from 491,064 the previous year. Even 

on a monthly scale, from February to March, the broker experienced a 9% bump in active clients.

Earlier in September, Exness was named the Best Global Multi-asset Broker of 2024 at the Forex Expo Dubai. This 

award highlights Exness’s position as a leading player in the global financial landscape.

Stepping up as the Titanium Sponsor for this year’s event, Exness orchestrated two exclusive sessions to offer attendees 

a profound understanding of the prevailing financial market trends. Damian Bunce, Exness Chief Customer Officer, 

spearheaded a session, stating, “Liquidity Fragmentation and the Impact of Transparency,” while Wael Makarem, Exness 

Financial Markets Strategists Lead, helmed the “Level Up Your Trading with Automated Systems” seminar.

Originally acquiring its UK-regulated license in 2016 to run a CFDs brokerage, Exness introduced a retail-centric offering, 

focusing on Forex and commodities CFDs. However, in 2019, the company pivoted away from the retail business in the 

EU/EEA region, including the UK, to reorient its business strategy towards other markets and expand its B2B operations.