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Exness: Partial close of an order
Source:https://get.exness.help/hc/en-us/articles/360019565560-Closing-an-order-in-the-trading-terminal-#h_01EYAV4KWF59ZS1GAD00N8KWGG | Author:finance-102 | Date2022-12-02 | 156 Views | Share:
This approach allows you to close a specific volume of an open order.

Partial close of an order

This approach allows you to close a specific volume of an open order.

Desktop terminals

To partially close an order on your desktop MT4 or MT5:

  1. Find your open order in the Trade tab in your trading terminal.

  2. Double-click on it to open up the Order window.

  3. Set the amount you wish to close under Volume then click the yellow Close button.

  4. The amount set to close in your order will now be closed.

MT4/MT5 mobile

If you are an MT4 or MT5 mobile application user:

  1. Long press on the order in the Trade tab to bring up the options. Tap Close position.

  2. Modify the volume to the part you want to close.

  3. Finally, tap Close to confirm.

Exness Trader

To partially close orders on the in-built trading terminal available on the Exness Trader app:

  1. Go to the Accounts page which displays the order history and select the Open tab.

  2. Locate the order and tap it to bring up the order details.

  3. Tap the Partial close tab and set up the volume you would like to close. Note that this needs to be lesser than the order volume.

  4. Check the current prices and hit Confirm to close a part of the existing order.

Exness Terminal

For Exness Terminal, partially close orders by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Portfolio tab to find all your orders.

  2. Locate the order you would like to partially close.

  3. Click the pencil icon beside the order to modify and choose the Partial close tab.

  4. Enter the number of lots you would like to close and click the yellow button to confirm closure.

Partial orders are archived in the History tab as any closed order would be.


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